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April 11 th, New Moon in Aries : Time For The Seeds of Freedom and New Life To Be Planted

The New Moon is set to occur at 10h30 PM EST on April 11th in Montreal in the sign of Aries in the Western Zodiac.

Where we find the sign of Aries in our natal charts is where we derive the energy to be spontaneous and free. It is where we want to feel alive, through our actions or our thoughts. It is also where we find the required quality to take risks, to jump into the unknown and discover new things.

A New Moon is the astronomical phenomena whereby the Sun and Moon unite from the point of view of the Earth, symbolizing astrologically the moment a seed is planted. It is the promise of something new.

In the sign of Aries, it is a promise of freedom, new life and adventure. The promise of breaking free from what is known, tried and tested to move into the unknown and to feel more alive.

The other planets (representing other psychological needs) will either contribute to this promise of freedom and new life or interfere with it.

Late March ended with a Full Moon in Libra, the opposite polarity of Aries, with an emphasis on the element of Air. (logic, objectivity and detachment). April starts with a complete reversal in polarity, making the element of Fire dominant in the sky, marking a shift in the collective consciousness from the need to think things through, to verify our perceptions before taking action, communicate and build bridges, to taking charge, moving forward and taking a leap into the unknown, either through our actions or our thoughts.

In psychological astrology, Fire is likened to the Intuition mode of perception in Jungian psychology. Of the Intuition function, Carl Jung wrote :

In intuition a content presents itself whole and complete, without our being able to explain or discover how this content came into existence. Intuition is a kind of instinctive apprehension, no matter of what contents. … Intuitive knowledge possesses an intrinsic certainty and conviction. [“Definitions,” CW 6, par. 770.].

Our intuitive function is turned towards the future and can perceive where things are going, beyond facts, feelings and intellectual knowledge. It is what enables us to feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future. This New Moon has the help from the expansive and hopeful energy of Jupiter. Therefore, we may feel more optimistic and empowered to speak and move more freely than in the previous months. This positive outlook permeates through groups and communities.

However, astrology teaches that in order to express our sense of freedom and initiative, we need Mars' help, the drive within us required to fight, be bold and win. Currently traveling in Gemini in the Western Zodiac, Mars uses concepts, words and ideas (Air element) to fight for our love of freedom and adventure (Venus in Aries), and he brings this self-assertion in our neighborhoods, our backyards, our cities or within the confinement of the space which is most familiar to us, our own minds.

Yet, lurking in the background of our collective psyche is still the fear of the backlash coming from what is limiting the expression of this love of freedom (Venus currently at odds with Pluto) and the confusion as to best express our thoughts and actions clearly

(Mars squaring off with Neptune). Thus, we may resort unconsciously to covert tactics in order to escape the sense of oppression that we feel, particularly in the fields ruled by Venus (relationships and pleasure of the senses).

But the very thing that can make us experience the joy, harmony and pleasure from the sense of freedom we seek, can also be the cause of more pain, restrictions and separations (Pluto in Capricorn), for this New Moon also reminds us that our collective survival (Pluto) depends on self-restraint and discipline (Capricorn). This can only be achieved in an impartial way, through scientific or community standards (Saturn in Aquarius).

General New Moon Forecast

Everyone is born with an area of their psyche which needs to express the qualities of Aries. It is this area that will require the seeding of new ideas and plans to release the potential of new life in the following month. Only the individual birth chart can give us a clearer picture of the area where this promise of freedom will be planted and what will spark the initiative.

The following is only a general picture.

For Aries-born individuals : It is the right time to plant the seeds to your personal freedom from limiting partnerships (contractual or romantic), to take any action that can help restore your physical well-being or help you go on your own path. It will require a lot of writing and communications, interactions with your siblings, your neighbors or short journeys.

For Taurus-born individuals : the seeds to have more time to yourself and your spiritual life can now be planted. This may require some financial transaction.

For Gemini-born individuals : it is the participation within groups or the community that can be the start of a new sense of freedom and empowerment, either through your own initiatives, or through the external agency of your friends or community dealings. You may be required to take the first steps because of health issues.

For Cancer-born individuals : Feeling intellectually stifled in your career or angry because no one hears you or takes your ideas seriously at work? Time to make some space for change. Brush up on your CVs, plan a meeting with your boss to have that promotion talk you have been shying away from or to discuss further areas of growth at work. You may need some time to yourself to gather your thoughts and prepare your next move.

For Leo-born individuals : Beliefs can limit our self-expression and this New Moon reminds you that the area of your psyche that seeks a connection to a higher understanding of life and its underpinnings needs a new approach. Taking new courses, rekindling with some religious philosophy or trying a new philosophical approach to life can be the seed for a new awareness of self and the subsequent betterment of your social standing. Friends, associations or group participation can give you the motivation you need to take the first steps you need to start this new journey.

For Virgo-born individuals : Things are being set up through the agency of deep, transformative events to give you the freedom required to feel alive again. This can manifest through a bigger tax return than you had expected, an unexpected inheritance or perhaps by discovering a new approach to your sexuality and connection with someone significant in your life. If you experienced sexual blocks until now, this may be a good time to take the required steps to free yourself from them.

For Libra-born individuals : Others may seem more selfish than usual or behaving in a very outspoken manner that threaten your need for harmony and balance. Dialogue will be required as well as perspective. An attack on your beliefs may spark the need for clarification of your respective goals. Standing up for them will be required of you or looking for the resources to help you achieve this. If compromise cannot be obtained, maybe it will be better to let things be and walk away. Resorting to manipulative or evasive means will do you no good.

For Scorpio-born individuals : Daily life may have felt stifling in the past few months, with uninspiring routines. You may have tried to stay collected, cool and understanding. But this New Moon promises that important, life changing events will set in motion a situation that will allow for more spontaneity and energy in your daily life.

For Sagittarius-born individuals : The area of romance and fun is the set for a renewed sense of being alive. You may want to brush up your profile on the dating site you are on or maybe, try a new approach towards your romantic life. If you are in a committed relationship and seeking to start a family, this may be the opportune time to do so something about it. If you have been feeling stuck in your spare time, trying new hobbies can make you feel alive again. Engaging with your partners can help you plant these seeds.

For Capricorn-born individuals : Home and family life is the stage for you to feel that new hope for freedom. If you have been feeling held back because of your home life, taking steps to selling your home or renovating it can set the course for greater freedom of movement or thought. Mars traveling in your 6th house shows that in order to plant those seeds for more freedom and energy in your home life, you need to look at your routine and your daily tasks. Mental fatigue can also be the trigger.

For Aquarius-born individuals : It is a good month to put forward new ideas, to take short trips in new settings, to start a new writing project, especially if they have a positive impact in your community, amongst your friends or alliances. In order to achieve this, you must invest some energy in your creative pursuits, through a hobby or even through the agency of a new romantic entanglement.

For Pisces-born individuals : The seeds of financial and material freedom can be planted at this time, either through the buying or the selling of a house, or through some other initiative taken with regards to your home life. It can also be by trying a new product that will somehow create within you the feeling that you have gained a new life. Make sure the dealings you get involved in are legitimate.

Overall, while this New Moon promises that the seeds of freedom and new life can be released soon, it does not make it clear when or if it will bring more peace or more grief. Some caution is still required, but the sky is lighter and more energizing than ever before.

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