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Encounters of the 3rd Kind: Astro-Relationship Patterns of the Summer (2021)

In the course of our lives, we meet several people, but only a few of them leave an indelible mark in our hearts and minds, regardless of the duration of the relationship.

These encounters, which I have named "encounters of the 3rd kind", cause existential crises, revive childhood wounds, make us discover aspects of our personality that we did not suspect existed, for better or for worse. They may even feel inevitable and fated.

Overnight, they make our lives tumble into the extraordinary and the implausible, as for some characters in well-known films.

In psychological astrology, the encounters of the 3rd kinds come in 3 types:

  • Electric-type encounters, as in the films "Harold and Maude" or "Annie Hall", which have a non-traditional, shocking and often ephemeral quality that astrologers attribute to the planet Uranus.

  • Aquatic encounters, as in the films "Love Story" or "The Shape of Water" which have a sacrificial, nebulous, fantasy, fusional or mystical dimension that we attribute to Neptune.

  • And finally, the volcanic type encounters, as in the films "Fatal Attraction" or "Beast", which make us discover dark aspects of our personality and unavowed, repressed desires. These encounters have major erotic and sensual elements to them with the themes of loss of innocence, guilt and shame in the background.

When encounters seem inevitable and fated, it is often because the lunar nodes are part of the celestial combination since the latter focus the energies of the sun and the moon (representing both our need to be seen and our need for emotional closeness).

These encounters all have a common denominator: they reduce the psychological state of perfectly mature and responsible adults into to that of infants or teenagers experiencing powerful primal emotions.

These celestial patterns can be part of our personal relationship myths according to the structure of our natal sky charts or appear in our lives according to planetary movements which indicate periods when we must confront and heal childhood wounds or revisit poorly experienced stages of emotional development.

This summer, we will have the fortunate – or unfortunate – opportunity to experience one or more of these encounters of the 3rd kind.

The "electric" encounters of the summer

On June 13, Venus, who is currently seeking emotional closeness in the home sign of Cancer, will be awakened to the physical side of love by Uranus in Taurus, an experience that will not leave her too disheveled in comparison to the surprises that await her in July.

Indeed, between July 5 and 12, as she seeks attention, fun and amusement in the sign of Leo, an encounter will wake her up and she will find herself torn between the desire for commitment or excitement and freedom.

The electric type of encounters offer us opportunities to experience love in a different way and ask that we remain open-minded and flexible.

Scene from Titanic movie from James Cameron. Picture credit : APit: AP photo

People born in the 2sd decanate of the signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio will be challenged by this type of encounter during the summer (see table below).

The "aquatic" and "volcanic" encounters of the summer

On June 21, Venus crosses the hypnotic Neptune and 2 days later, on the 23rd, she falls under the influence of Pluto's passion, activating the potential for encounters of aquatic and volcanic types.

The Venus-Neptune combination is one of the most romantic and idyllic relationship signature, but also one of the most prone to deception and lies as the other becomes a source of life and escapism.

Ophelia drowning by John Everett Millais Google Art Project
Image credit : Getty

In contrast, the Venus-Pluto combination, while very physical and smoldering in terms of relationship type, is also one of the most obsessive and compulsive, as the other becomes a source of security and survival.

Scene from the movie Othello, Pictured: (L-R) Michael Manuel as Iago, Wayne T. Carr as Othello, and Angela Gulner as Desdemona. (Photo by Daniel Reichert)

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn of the last decanate (see table below) will be most concerned by these celestial signatures.

These three types of encounters will test our values and set the tone for the summer period, as they are part of the background of the summer solstice, New Moons and Full Moons.

However, since we carry within us all the characteristics of the zodiac, we can all potentially smell the bewitching scent of love and succumb to it – or not.

Summer astro-relationship patterns and signs concerned

This summer, it might be important to remember that loving:

· Is accepting yourself as you are and accepting the other as he/she is;

· Is breathing and letting the other breathe as well;

· Is existing and letting the other exist.


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