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Full Moon in Aquarius: Time to roll-up our sleeves and show others who we truly are

The Full Moon is set to occur at 10h37 PM on July 23rd in Montreal. It will pit the Sun in Leo against Saturn and the Moon in Aquarius. Simultaneously, two other oppositions, those of Mercury and Pluto as well as Venus and Jupiter, will add more to the story of the sky.

Full Moon in Montreal at 22h37 on July 23rd

It is the climax of the elements set in motion at the New Moon two weeks ago.

It is now that we must strike a balance between expressing who we truly are as individuals, show what is unique about us and listening to the advice of close family members, friends and experts in whatever fields we work in.

This harmonization will be a struggle as the sky reveals that we will be tempted to ignore others and try to overcome whatever obstacles we perceive as being in our way by using covert tactics and manipulation of facts that may lead others to ostracize or penalize us in some way. It is a moment to realize that we cannot succeed in any endeavour without the emotional support and healthy boundaries set by the community we belong to.

Without this realization, this Full Moon may feel like we are facing obstacles that are insurmountable, forcing us to abandon projects or suppressing the expression of the creative potential within us. Asking for help, opening our minds to other realities, structuring our goals and planning carefully will help us ease the unconscious fears of failure that may paralyze us at this time.

In some cases, the opposite may be true : compromise between our essence and other's needs and expectations will not be possible, leaving us no other option but to go on a separate path.

At the Full Moon, these themes will be particularly felt by :

  • Leos born between July 23 to August 1

  • Aquarians born between January 21st to 29th

  • Ģeminis born between May 22nd to May 31st

  • Aries born between March 21st to March 30th

  • Libras born between September 23rd to October 3rd

  • Sagitarians born between November 23rd to December 2nd

Taureans or Scorpios will feel caught in the crossfire and may have to play Devil's advocate in some instances, particularly if born between : May 1st to May10th or October 24th to November 2nd. They may even act as unexpected agents of change for the improvement of the quality of certain relationships or the redefinition of goals and priorities.

The quality and themes of this Full Moon will color the birthday year for Leos born between July 23 to August 3 as their birthdays will coincide this year with the same celestial signatures.

At times, it will feel like a long passage in the dark, where only the light of inner wisdom and intuition will serve as a guide through the challenges and ordeals that life will throw their way. Patience, resilience and some introspection may be needed to clarify one's goals or identity. However, by the end of the year, maturity and experience will be gained by these individuals, as well as a greater sense of personal authority. The achievements and progresses made, the lessons learned will truly stand the test of time.


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