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Full Moon in Capricorn: Leaning On Our Elders and Institutions For Emotional Support and Comfort

Main Celestial Themes

The Sun and Moon must find a common ground as they occupy opposite polarities in the Cancer-Capricorn axis at the time of the Full Moon on July 13. 

Astrological chart of the Full Moon using the Solar Fire software showcasing the Moon as leader of the celestial pack.

In the process, they find themselves caught in the embrace of the lunar nodes emphasizing the importance of relationships at this time and how we operate within them, particularly in the context of family life and work. Having become aware of our vulnerabilities 14 days before the Full Moon as the Sun and Moon mated in the sign of Cancer, we must now find the means to address them by turning to those with experience (Moon in Capricorn).

Mother and daughter scene from the movie Terms of endearment.
Scene from the movie Terms of Endearment which portrays the polarity between the Cancer-Capricorn. The controlling, but structuring mother (Moon in Capricorn) and the dependant, unable-to-get-her-life-sorted daughter (Moon in Cancer).

Collectively, government and industry programs may bring solutions.

However, Pluto's (i.e. the regenerative powers of nature) close connection to the Sun and Moon's celestial positions reminds us that it may be necessary to change profoundly the rules and structures we have built if they no longer serve to protect us. This is true our society, but also in our personal lives.

Another important theme with this Full Moon is the child-parent relationship. How well do we stand on our own two feet? As a parent, how well do we help our children stand on theirs?  Do we pamper them too much ? Are we too strict or negligent? These questions can also apply to the inner child and parent that live within our own psyches.

Image of the conflict between the inner child and the inner parent within an individual's psyche.
The child-parent relationship is one of the central theme of the Full Moon and it applies also to adults as we all have an inner child and an inner parent. Credit : Dreamstime.

This Full Moon can provoke emotional outbursts and feelings of anxiety as we realize where we are most weak and how much work is required to build the structures we need to become more emotionally mature and more in control of our lives.

Of course, whenever deep transformations are required, the opposite reactions are constellated and resistance to these changes may occur. Control and emotional blackmail are the darker shades of the Cancer-Capricorn axis and with them, guilt and regret.

Other significant celestial influences

Venus - Neptune - Saturn combination : We may finally be giving in to a relationship that seems otherwordly or finally letting go of a relationship under unclear terms. We must be realistic about what we can expect from any contracts, relationships or agreements we enter into at this time. It is best to enjoy some of the magic and wait that it fizzles to see whether it can withstand the test of time.

Couple embracing against a celestial background.
We may finally be giving in to a relationship that seems otherwordly, but we must let the fizzle die to see whether it is longstanding.

Mars - Uranus - North Node conjunction ( July 30th ) : This celestial combination may push us into unforeseen associations to complete projects or force us to face violent and sudden outbursts of anger requiring self defence within relationships or, in some instances, unexpected physical traumas requiring surgery. Whenever Uranus and Mars come together, we must find new, original, creative physical outlets and projects to channel our drives and energies. This pairing is set against the Taurus background and an appropriate way to exploit our pent up energies is through endeavors that bring us more material and financial stability or simply that add more beauty and comfort into our lives. The freedom to act and do things differently will be important. The status quo is not possible with such a celestial grouping.

Person bunjee-jumping.
Bunjee jumping is an extreme sport very much in the flavor of the Mars-Uranus conjunction coming up on July 30th.

Action for survival is the essence of this Full Moon and will be felt most intensely by individuals born in late Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.


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