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Full Moon in Leo : inspiring society with your creativity

Astrological chart of the Full Moon using Astro Gold software
Chart of the February 5 2023 Full Moon in Leo highlighting the tension between personal vision, personal values and collective expectations. Whatever external pressure we feel originates from our shifting values and how they clash with our visions.

Bringing your authentic self into group dynamics or exposing your vision for society colours this Full Moon, even if your values break with collective expectations. Now is the time to put your creativity to the service of society. Being in the spotlight, though, requires humility and good listening.

Whatever you expected from others 14 days ago will pit itself against your personal vision in the next 2 weeks. Taming your ego will be necessary. The external pressure you may feel in the next two weeks originates from your shifting values and how they clash with your own personal vision of life. This might be projected unto your circle of friends or social groups you belong to.

On a lighter note, fun and play is in the air, even though practical matters may spoil your plans. Don’t let them if you can.

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