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Full Moon in Virgo: Fine Tuning Our Instruments to Produce an Uplifting Symphony

In general, the Moon in Virgo invites to put order, perfect, or fix an area of our lives.

Whether or not we can achieve this depends on the other celestial influences at the time of the Full Moon. The sky gives the Moon a run for her money since the emphasis on Pisces, Aries and Gemini demands we be spontaneous and flexible with regards to our daily activities. If we are too rigid, we may miss out on certain opportunities or even fall ill.

In general, it may be very difficult in the next two weeks to stick to our agendas and goals. We may eventually discover what Carl Jung meant when he stated that: " In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."

" In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." - Carl Jung, CW9i, par 66

The Full Moon is also the time when events that began in our lives around the New Moon will reach a certain climatic moment. Closure or endings are in order and may affect our routines.

From the imaginal and inspirational realm of Pisces at the New Moon we must now put into form what our intuition and dreams wee intimating at.

There is no piece of music that can be heard without musical instruments and no beauty produced without the skillful use of those very same instruments.

Here is a quick overview of the areas or themes this Full Moon will highlight for each Zodiac signs.

Please expand the videoclip for optimum viewing experience.

Aries to Cancer

Leo to Scorpio

Sagittarius to Pisces


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