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Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius : Opening the Doorway to Universal Truths that Unite Us All

The Full Moon in ancient times and in certain parts of the world today unflooded with artificial lights, cast a hypnotic effect and instilled awe and inspiration in the hearts of women and men. But even though we do not rely on the Moon's light to help us travel at night in the modern world, in the recesses of our unconscious, she stills carries a powerful weight. And at the Full Moon, when she opposes the Sun, our conscious awareness may be tempted to tip into dreamland and chaos, thus the importance of striking a balance between the two aspects of our nature being highlighted in the sky.

This Full Moon is not like any other because it is an eclipse and Buoyant Jupiter, our solar system's biggest planet, always drawn to superlatives, interferes with the battle of the two Great Lights. Therefore, it is a Battle Royale. This means in psychological astrology, that our psyche will be stirred in an important way, for the better or for the worst, depending on the structure of our natal charts.

In addition, the Sun's current daemon, Mercury, is locked into an embrace with Venus, making love and pleasure, diplomacy, balance and harmony, an issue in our lives.

In Gemini, we must make sense of this need and be able to articulate it and express it to reap its benefits in our lives, particularly how we communicate our thoughts and ideas to others and their impacts in our relationships. However, this Mercury-Venus embrace is happening under water, in the depths of our collective dreams and nightmares as Mystical and Enchanting Neptune casts a spell on our celestial Lovers. In this state of longing, we can turn unconsciously, into Pied Pipers or Sirens, playing both saviors and victims. Sometimes both at the same time.

Reason and reality as antidotes will be difficult to apply.

The signs involved bring a religious and mystical coloring to this Full Moon (Pisces/ Sagittarius). We need answers of an extraordinary kind at this time. But they may not come in a neatly, coherent package. What we will feel cannot be expressed in an intelligent manner.

We must turn to our dreams, our intuitions, to find the answers we seek. No physical being, data or object can embody the message we are seeking at this time. But nature, the arts, meditation, any medium that allows us to access that other reality we are longing for to feel whole, may help us.

On a positive note, this Full Moon Eclipse can open hearts and minds to others, fostering benevolent actions, provided we remain grounded and sincere.

The signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are the main protagonists in this Full Moon. But also Libras and Taureans being ruled by Venus, their personal daemon at birth.

But since we all carry these signs within us, we may all find ourselves in an enchanted forest of our own making.

Full Moons always asks us to let something go for a better harmony within us.

Somewhere between our personal ideas, and religious or political beliefs, lies a doorway to some universal truth that unites us all.

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