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New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini : Learning About Our Past for Change and Healing

On June 10th, just after sunrise, around 6:54 am, Montreal will wake up under the effects of an annular solar eclipse. In an annular solar eclipse, the Moon does not block completely the Sun's light, making for a stunning visual phenomena whereby the Sun appears surrounded with a ring of fire. From an astrological perspective, it is less foreboding as a total solar eclipse since our collective sense of self as represented by the Sun is not completely overtaken by our subconscious mind (the Moon). While the Sun and Moon's embrace will take place in the sign of Gemini, other important astrological features make this celestial event noteworthy on a symbolical and inner level.

In Montreal, Pluto leads the celestial pantheon, which is filed into a “locomotive” chart pattern, splitting the sky in half (see dotted line in the sky map below).

Pluto which is currently in the sign of Capricorn in the western zodiac is locked into a battle with Mars in a sign which does not allow for its best behavior (Cancer): a signature for emotional protests against structures and rules that no longer serve our purposes.

Pluto can symbolize our collective instincts for survival. Named after the god of the underworld in Greek mythology, it represents behaviors that societies eliminate from view or sanction because it deems them unacceptable or dangerous for its survival, hence the links between Pluto and taboos. In an individual chart, Pluto points to qualities or aspects of the personality that a person finds shameful and ugly, therefore cast into unconsciousness, yet visible in the form of neurotic or obsessive behaviors or thoughts.

It is a facet of the Freudian Id.

Pluto's discovery was synchronistic with the advent of psychoanalysis. While individuals can undergo psychotherapy, collectively, we need powerful events that can move us towards the required societal changes.

Mass uprisings are one of many manifestations of Pluto (buried secrets or buried gifts) coming to the surface of collective consciousness, much like a volcano erupting. But with it also comes the potential for change and transformation.

Pluto manifestation.
Pluto often shows its face through mass protests. Picture credit : Shuttestock.

To this important astrological signature is added the Gemini-Aquarius alliance, a cool. detached and logical perspective, which translates into the need for understanding and communication.

Mercury, the spirit presiding over this New Moon, moving in the collective area of our psyche representing our ancestral past (what astrologers call the 12th house), in retrograde motion (emphasizing deep reflection), signals the necessity to gather information from the well of our collective memories, that which has been long forgotten, but that we need to bring back into our consciousness. This is the area into which this New Moon asks us to take action. It is also a very important task at this time because both the ancient and modern rulers of this area of our collective psyche (Jupiter and Neptune) are featured prominently in the sky, not only because of their visible positions, but also because of the qualities they are embodying at this time (Pisces), which fit their nature, namely benevolence, forgiveness and compassion towards our common humanity. Their messages can therefore be heard more clearly and more constructively.

The sky is also telling us that if we face our past, our buried secrets, there is the potential for healing, as Chiron, the "wounded healer" of the planetary pantheon, interacts harmoniously with our main celestial characters.

Currently, it is collectively tempting to point the finger at this "Other" as the cause of our fears and our sufferings, but this New Moon asks us to delve into our past to find the true source of our misfortunes.

This New Moon asks us to look coldly at the past, not to shy away from it, so that we may understand it, learn from it, but also to bring real changes for lasting healing and forgiveness.

Forgiveness. Photo credit : Getty

We are all called upon to play a part in this collective celestial play according to our individual astrological charts, either as investigators of the past, forgivers or repentants, healers or healed, reformers or reformed. Perhaps all these roles at the same time.


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