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New Moon in Aquarius: trusting your personal initiatives to improve society

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Astrological chart of the New Moon in Aquarius created with the Solar Fire software for Montreal sky on January 21, 15 : 53 E.S.T.

Idealistic and enthusiastic New Moon that centres around joining and committing to new group activities or alliances with a foreign or mind expanding quality. This New Moon positively supports the furthering of research and knowledge to bring social and economic improvements to society.

Because of the heavy Aquarius emphasis, the pressure to conform to group expectations may be high. Thought-driven actions may override other considerations. It will be important to show up as authentically as possible during this month and present solutions that are grounded and ethically sound from a human perspective.

Individuals contributing to a common goal. Image : Canstock photo.
Idealistic and enthusiastic New Moon that centres around joining and committing to new group activities or alliances with a foreign or mind expanding quality.

The challenge will be to choose carefully and prioritize between many projects or tasks. Only what can be realistically accomplished should be considered, particularly if they can benefit the achievement of long-term plans or career goals.

Individuals born between the following dates will be favoured by this New Moon:

♈ Aries March 21 to March 30

♊ Gemini May 22 to May 31

♎ Libra September 23 to October 3

♐ Sagittarius November 23 to December 2

However, individuals born between the following dates will need to be more flexible and understanding in relation to events that will occur in their lives during the month:

♉ Taurus April 20 to April 29

♋ Cancer June 21 to July 22

♌ Leo July 23 to August 1

♍ Virgo August 23 to September 3

♏ Scorpio October 23 to November 2

Areas of focus for each sign

♈ Aries

You are inspired to knock on many doors to find the alliances that align with your goals and aspirations. But you may have to choose carefully and wisely between the ones that can truly help you move forward in your life and those that cannot. At this time, you can truly shine and inspire others. Your optimism, exuberance and breadth of vision can attract some well-deserved attention through your writing and your speech. As a result, you may travel more. A financial matter may suddenly be resolved or you may receive an unexpected award for efforts in helping an organization achieve its goal in the past.

♉ Taurus

A new chapter may begin in your career, boosting your self-confidence and increasing your resourcefulness, provided you trust your intuition. This opportunity will require serious commitment. In some instances, marriage may even be on the table, built on shared ideals and aspirations that can stand the test of time.


Leading with your ideas can have a positive effect on group motivation during this month. Mental activity can be rewarded provided you remain focused and attentive to details. Communication or transactions with foreign clients or long-distance colleagues will yield positive results and long-term commitments.

♋ Cancer

You may reach a deal with government officials or financial institutions in order to repay debts or loans. In some instances, joining forces with others to consolidate debts or resources will be required.

♌ Leo

The impact of group validation will be felt strongly this month. Your unique vision may attract serious business partners and allies in the future. Negotiations are in store. You have unshakeable belief in your convictions and they fuel to your benefit any associations that support them. Some adjustments in your daily routine, diet and tasks will be needed.

If you are involved with business partners, you may need to travel with them to negotiate new contracts or develop new projects.

♍ Virgo

Your experience may be the source of increased workloads, affecting your leisure time. Your health may suffer as a result and require major changes in your work conditions. Any initiative to free personal time and creativity will benefit you.

It may be the month you will seek advice from a career counselor. A reorientation may be the ultimate solution if your job no longer inspires you to be the vehicle of service you aim to be.

♎ Libra

This is usually a month for festivities, organizing parties and participating in social activities.

The Venus-Saturn conjunction favours activities or creative projects that require long-term commitments, such as travel plans.

In this context, important partners may appear in your life, whether for business or romance.

On the other hand, family or home-related news can upset your relationships or partnerships.

♏ Scorpio

You may have to deal with pending matters concerning your home or your property.

A short, unexpected trip may be required to tend to the needs of an older member of the family.

If you have been wondering about a health situation, now is the time to act. Your family will be behind you in support.

Any initiative to improve daily work conditions in order to tend to family and home care will be met positively, provided they are realistic.


This may be the month that you invest in that course you have been postponing, particularly if it can help you advance in your career.

It will broaden your horizons and help you connect with like-minded individuals.

Bonds made this month may be lasting, socially and romantically.

♑ Capricorn

It is a good month for finding new ways to economize, budget, and strive to increase savings. Aim for long-term gains.

Before leaping to expand your home or relocate, turn to an experienced advisor and make sure your plan is sound.

You may need to lower your expectations and make minor adjustments only.

♒ Aquarius

This is the month that favours any personal initiatives that secure your image and rank amongst your friends as well as in any association or organization you belong to. Your experience can attract contracts or even new partners.

Positive news about a project you have been working on can be expected.

If you have been wondering about the spiritual or metaphysical side of life, but shied away from embarking on a course or self-study on the matter, this month may see you take the leap into this unknown landscape.


You may feel the need to withdraw from the world and use your resources to go on a retreat or short journey. Friends may disagree with your plans.

If this inner longing is not met, you may be forced into isolation or in need of the support of your friends and family.

Your hunches and intuition regarding money matters may be very strong, but do obtain advice before taking any actions.

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