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New Moon in Cancer : The Strength That Lies Beneath Our Vulnerability

New Moon Highlights

At 21:51 EST in Montreal, the Sun and Moon meet at 7°22’ of the introverted sign of Cancer, which represents the nurturing side of our nature and our ability to create bonds. It also points to our fundamental need for safety and the means we use to fulfill it, such as owning a home. At the New Moon, the area where the sign of Cancer is found in our personal charts will be activated. Everyone has a need for strong emotional connections, a safe haven and a place to retreat after a day at work, but not everyone will fulfill these the same way because of our distinct astrological charts.

With the meeting of the Sun and Moon in this sign, we can expect that the month ahead will emphasize the importance of taking care of domestic affairs as opposed to the development of our careers and the meeting of the world’s demands. We will feel most fulfilled at this time in situations providing plenty of human contact, and a sense of helping to preserve the traditional values and roots of the family, the community or the nation. Collectively, issues pertaining to fertility, agriculture, access to land or shelter as well as motherhood will be more present in the news.

The Moon’s position is an important indicator of what is required to feel good during the month ahead. In the sign of Cancer, sufficient rest, healthy eating habits and proper care of the body are required for emotional fulfillment. Psychologically, it may be necessary to review, revisit or reconnect with our past. In certain instances, ingrained behaviors or habits developed over time can influence the determination of our goals during this month.

This New Moon will impact more directly individuals born between the following dates:

  • Aries 21/03-01/04

  • Taurus 21/04-01/05

  • Cancer 21/06-01/07

  • Virgo 23/08-03/09

  • Libra 23/09-03/10

  • Scorpio 24/10-03/11

  • Capricorn 22/12-02/01

  • Pisces 19/02-28/02

New Moon in Cancer Chart using the Solar Fire software. The Sun and Moon meet at 7°22’ of the introverted sign of Cancer and in the process, bump into the expansive, extroverted energy of Jupiter (red dotted lines) at 7°18’ in the sign of Aries.

Other Important Themes at the New Moon

The Interference of Jupiter

While we need a clear feeling of belonging, a genuine home, and a connection to our past and roots at this time, Jupiter’s position in the sign of Aries interferes with the Sun and Moon’s agenda and the emphasis of the Gemini energy in the sky (see below) can make us quite restless, mobile and travel like a rolling stone.

Jupiter’s presence in Aries and its direct influence on the New Moon gives us courage and allows us to be committed in championing values and ideals of freedom. We feel the urge for new challenges and overcoming them may give us hope and inspiration. The negative aspect of Jupiter’s interference is the potential for excess optimism in our visions that can make us intolerant of others’ beliefs and, in extreme cases, incline us toward hubris and high handedness.

Therefore, there can be an inner struggle within between two warring needs, one that seeks the shelter of the past and one that wants to break free and emancipate from too much protection and sheltering. We must also beware of any tendency to bind those we care about from obtaining their emotional and physical independence.

However, events may conspire to push us out of the safety net we have created in certain areas of our lives to expand our horizons and become individuals in our own right.

Just like the Fool card suggests in the Mythic Tarot, life sooner or later expects us to come out of the safety of the womb of the maternal cave to emancipate and pursue our personal goals and ideals.

The Playfulness and Lightness of the Gemini Energy

At this time, with both Venus and Mercury in the sign of Gemini, the sharing of intellectual, artistic, spiritual or commercial interests is more satisfying than intense emotional exchanges or a daily routine devoid of inspiring conversations. Intelligence and wit must be part of our human interactions to meet the demands of the Goddess.

The Geisha is the perfect image to describe the archetype of Venus in the sign of Gemini at the present moment.

Whatever information we come by either through intellectual pursuits (reading, taking classes) or through our interactions with people must ultimately serve the purpose of the Sun and Moon: creating closer ties, preserving the past or finding a better home.

Positive manifestations of the blending of the Jupiter, Venus and Mercury principles with those of the Sun and Moon are the family trip abroad or the road trip for the purpose of creating bonds.

Venus is particularly emphasized during this month as she is in direct contact with the exuberant influence of Jupiter. This is particularly favorable for the development of relationships that can serve the purpose of expanding our minds or open doorways to fulfill our destinies and objectives.

We must avoid scattering our energies and the lack of sincerity in our relationships with others. Quality is not always sought by the natives of the Gemini sign, but rather the variety of sensations, experiences and intellectual pursuits.

The Aggressiveness and Reforming Energy of the Mars-Pluto Alignment

The archetype of the warrior, Mars, expressing our need for self-affirmation and independent action becomes enmeshed with Pluto’s archetype of collective drive towards cleansing and regeneration. The alignment between the planets reaches its climax two days after the New Moon, on June 30th. This combination of planets can be translated into a collective battle between Ego and Id, whether the Id is found within oneself or projected unto forces out there. Because Pluto is traveling the sign of Capricorn, the fight can be directed towards the laws of nature within one’s own body as manifested by the aging process or the rules and norms as established by the government and the lawmakers.

In an individual astrological chart, this combination can give someone immense power to undertake projects and strong sexual charisma and drive. But if it is not harnessed properly, it can make someone obsessed with imposing their will on others and accepting no defeat. Any opposition is demonized and therefore worthy of extinction. Well-integrated, this combination can help someone tap into inner resources in order to rise in ranks through personal initiatives and access a position of power without resorting to blackmail, violence or any other coercive measures.

During this month, we will have to direct this power of self-affirmation by joining a cause in order to improve the laws and the structures which will solve the problems related to the main themes mentioned at the beginning of this text.

Mars and Pluto alignment can feel like a battle between one's ego and the collective Id, such as in the fight between Hercules and the Hydra in Greek mythology. Painting by Antonio Del Pollaiolo.


To meet the demands of the celestial influences at this time, whether for our own safety and emotional well-being or those of the persons placed under our care, we must be able to take initiatives after careful considerations of many options. In moving forward, however, we must not trample on others’ feelings or ambitions.

Exercising may help us channel the excess drive and motivation we feel, particularly if we feel thwarted in our efforts to progress in our lives. Tackling projects that require stamina and that bring lasting and profound changes can also be a creative outlet.

In our quest for a better home, closer ties, increased physical and emotional well-being, we must be prepared to:

  • Welcome new ideas and different perspectives

  • Tackle the issues with confidence

  • Venture into unknown and scary territories

In our quest for a better home, closer ties, increased physical and emotional well-being, we must be prepared to welcome new ideas and different perspectives.


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