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New Moon in Gemini: fulfilling the need and quest for information and intellectual development (1/2)

General theme of the New Moon

The Sun and Moon meet in the airy landscape of the sign of Gemini, indicating that it will be a month where we collectively and individually need mental stimulation.

Our curiosity will be lit up and we will seek answers, particularly those answers that pertain to material and financial matters as well as sensual pleasures.

Communication will be a key element during this month and could take various forms: from lively conversations to singing and public speaking; from numerous text messages to studying or even travelling to various destinations. Short journeys and changes of environment can provide us with more food for thought, thus satisfying our curiosity, particularly regarding our material security and professional advancement.

Fulfilling this quest will not only make us feel good emotionally, but also heal any wounds we may have carried regarding personal freedom and individual self-expression.

But to fulfill this quest for knowledge and provide our bodies and souls with the stimulation they require to feel good, we must turn to Mercury as it is the planet that rules the sign of Gemini and represents our psychological need for intellectual pursuits and communication in our daily life.

Mercury Retrograde

Traditionally, Mercury is at home in the sign of Gemini in the sense that what the planet stands for can function normally, without inhibitions, unless other celestial bodies interfere with its expression.

Mercury began its retrograde motion on May 10 at 4°51' Gemini then re-entered the sign of Taurus on May 24th, but the indication that certain areas of lives were in need of reassessment was already appearing as early as April 26th.

It is almost as though we were beginning to feel the need for more stimulation in the area of our astrological chart where Gemini resides, then a situation came up or someone appeared and made us question this need, pushing us back into a conservative and cautious attitude, holding on to certain words or thoughts for security reasons. While it may be appropriate during this month not to explore greener pastures, the retrograde motion of Mercury allows the thinking and learning functions of Mercury to deepen and is thus, paradoxically, favorable to information gathering, helping us gain new insight.

During its passage in the sign of Taurus, Mercury is under Venus' power and since the goddess of love is also traveling the same sign, it emphasizes the need for material comfort and security.

Mercury in Taurus: ideas and thoughts are turned towards pragmatic and material issues as well as sensuous considerations

The celestial placement of Mercury in the sign of Taurus suggests a mental attitude of clinging to acquired ideas for the peace of mind and comfort they bring, but also because they make us feel worthy of love and appreciation. Changing our minds about a situation, a topic, something or someone may feel threatening at the moment.

It would not be surprising if, at the beginning of the month, we find ourselves stuck, obsessing or dwelling on something or someone in relation to the area where the sign of Taurus is located in our astrological charts, preventing the Gemini area of our charts to benefit from new ideas, fresh perspectives, stimulating contacts and creative solutions.

The retrograde motion of Mercury suggests that we may be taking a step back and reconsidering the value of these long held ideas. Are they behind negative emotions that interfere with our body's functioning or our overall wellbeing? Are they preventing us from gaining more material security and helping us advance in life? Are they holding us back from engaging in meaningful relationships? At this time, our ideas and our words need focus and structure. Time and patience are essential and no amount of pressuring can help us make up our minds. In addition, the information that will fulfill our needs has to be evidence-based, obtained through direct experience, for we seek information that we can count on.

At some point during this month, we will meet the Scarecrow figure just as Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz and be faced with the following question: to achieve our goals and meet our needs, should we turn left or should we turn right?

The many options and uncertainties we are facing at this time compel us to hold on to what we know or have come to know so far.

Ÿ We may find ourselves like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz meeting the Scarecrow: to achieve our goals and meet our needs, should we turn left or right?

Mercury retrograde also puts the Virgo area of our charts under scrutiny, that area of our lives that we are psychologically inclined to keep organized and in proper working order since Mercury also rules this sign.

This is a period where we can turn inwards and look more closely at our thought processes and the manner in which we habitually gather and process information and how we communicate it to our immediate surroundings.

It is a month where information gathering, processing and categorization will require time and patience. Where quality will rule over quantity.

Mental exploration and movement, trying new courses, putting new ideas into practice through the agency of those with whom we engage in every day life may resume once the retrograde motion ceases on June 3rd.

Once Mercury turns direct, however, we must be prepared to let go of certain ideas and thoughts as Mercury moves into alignment with Pluto on June 4th.

As it re-enters the sign of Gemini on June 14th, It will be required that we explore new thoughts and ideas. Mercury's re-entry into Gemini favors intellectual activities, novelty and experimentation over pragmatic, material and sensuous considerations. We may have more flexibility and open-mindedness to let go of certain antiquated ideas and embrace new ones that can open our minds and present us with new possibilities of engagement with life.

Bold, big and bright ideas may spring into our minds, through the agency of others or life circumstances between June 19 and June 21st.

The Fear of Duality at the New Moon and during the retrograde motion of Mercury

Because Mercury is challenged by Saturn at the New Moon and during the duration of its retrograde motion, embracing duality may be very difficult. This can manifest in the world, but also in our own lives.

Furthermore, our ideas may not be well-received by others.

We may need to think things through, go back to the drawing board and adapt our ideas and thoughts to reality.

When we hold on too tightly to our own ideas or thoughts, someone or something will appear to challenge them, constellating the Trickster figure.

The Trickster figure that may appear will take on the garb of a force that blocks our ability to move, learn or communicate, eventually leading us to reschedule or rewrite or start over a plan or project. This force may be perceived as coming from a group we belong to or an association we are part of. It will either be internalized (limiting ourselves unconsciously for fear of reprisal) or externalized (pitting ourselves against others or situations).

When we hold on too tightly to our own ideas or thoughts, someone or something will appear to challenge them, constellating the Trickster figure.

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