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New Moon in Gemini: fulfilling the need and quest for information and intellectual development (2/2)

Other significant celestial themes at the New Moon on May 30th 2022

The need for mental escape

At the New Moon, Neptune serves as the gateway to fantasy and dreamland, offering us an escape from the hard work that must be done in our lives. Some creative mental escape from reality may be required before facing up to our obligations. If this urge is not met consciously, we may be inviting unwillingly the Maenads into our lives, finding ourselves in a dire moral dilemma.

Some creative mental escape from reality may be if we do not want to invite the Maenads into our lives and find ourselves in a dire moral dilemma.

Love or War?

Venus and Mars, as representatives of the archetypes of Love and War respectively, are both strong by their celestial positions at the moment, but their alignments prevent them from entering into a relationship. This can translate into situations where we will find ourselves all ready to go out and fight or the opposite, go out of our way to keep peace at all cost.

Jupiter in Aries conjunct the Aries Point

The Aries Point corresponds to the degree of the ecliptic that marks the spring equinox when the Sun enters the sign of Aries in western astrology.

For many astrologers, it symbolizes an area of a person's life which can assist that person in achieving visibility and fame.

Jupiter will be crossing paths with this sensitive point three times this year on: ·

  • May the 10th

  • October 27th

  • December 20th

The spirit of adventure, risk-taking and conquest will be heightened and we will feel collectively and individually pushed towards greater freedom and initiative.

This can have mixed effects in the lives of Aries born individuals, but also Libras, Capricorns and Cancers, particularly those born between:

  • ·March 21st - 30th

  • ·June 22nd - July 1st

  • ·September 23rd - October 3rd

  • ·December 22nd - 31st

This same thrust towards action may benefit more positively Geminis, Aquarians and some Leos and Sagittarians born between:

  • May 22nd – 31st

  • ·July 23rd - August 1st

  • ·November 23rd - December 2nd

  • ·January 21st - 29th

May 29th- Important date: When Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aries.

This signals big actions and giant leaps into the unknown. Entrepreneurship and risk-taking, unbridled passions, particularly in regards to the areas of life which Jupiter governs in our astrological charts. It also indicates that the areas of our charts that contain the signs of Aries and Scorpio will benefit from a spirit of optimism and undergo a certain expansion. In these areas, we will feel more confident, more passionate then before and more determined. We will renew with our spirit of conquest in these areas. Taking big actions will heal us from traumas related to feelings of being deprived of encouragement and personal power to take charge of our lives and self-realization.

Pluto in Capricorn leading the celestial bodies at the New Moon

Clockwise, from the conjunction of Sun and Moon, Pluto leads the bundled planets

The deeper layer of our collective and personal psyche at the New Moon reveals that we aim and need information to reposition ourselves in the world or to rebuild our reputation.

Death and rebirth await industries and structures and we may feel powerless in preventing such changes.

The bright side of Pluto’s position at the New Moon

On the positive side, it signals great commitment, as well as far-reaching transformation through experiences in the working life.

The dark side of Pluto’s position at the New Moon

  • Being subject to professional confrontations with the dark, suppressed sides of life and society.

  • Being tempted to do everything it takes to further our career and secure our positions at the top because we feel our survival depends on it.

  • Being tempted to make sure are dependent in order to be able to manipulate and blackmail them.

  • Being tempted to do dark business deals with shady characters.

Concluding thoughts

The New Moon in Gemini asks that we align our energy, our resources and our thoughts to fulfilling the purpose of developing our minds and fulfilling the need to understand our feelings and to communicate them.

The Bright Side of the New Moon

Courage and hard work in the search for facts to address issues in our lives.

The Dark side of the New Moon

Difficulty fin communicating our ideas and lack of clarity in our thoughts. Mental blocks caused by the fear of exchanging our own ideas with others and being cast out of the group. Lying or embellishing the truth to remain part of a group.

This month’s main challenge

Bridging the ideal with reality and holding these two sides of our nature simultaneously will be the challenge facing us collectively, but personally as well.

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