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New Moon in Libra: The Start of Successful Collaborations And Affiliations

The New Moon at 17:55 Montreal time occurs in the sign of Libra representing the union of the drive for self-affirmation and the power of seduction.

Chart of the New Moon set for Montreal using Solar Fire software

This is the month where success, the return to physical or mental health, the ability to attract relationships will depend on our ability to harness the power to stand up to our power as individuals by winning people to our cause. It can only work if we relate well with both psychological needs within our soul.

While Venus-ruled signs (Sun in Libra and Sun in Taurus) are more concerned with this new Moon, the Mars - ruled signs are too ( Sun in Aries and Sun in Scorpio ). This New Moon can speak also to individuals born with their Sun in the early degrees of the following signs :

  • Leo, Sagittarius

  • Cancer and Capricorn

  • Gemini and Aquarius.

Jupiter's benevolent influence on this New Moon heralds opportunities that can be materially, spiritually, intellectually or emotionally fulfilling if we learn to relate to one another.

Man and woman happy with a successful endeavor.
The union of the Masculine and Femine can bring lucky results during this month. That union stars within yourself.

Venus and Mercury in the sign of Virgo remind us that we must still apply discernment and look at the fine print before signing any deals, whether they are of a professional or a personal nature.


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