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New Moon in Taurus : Rebuilding The Structures of Our Society and Restoring Our Humanity

Updated: May 12, 2021

Sun and Moon Pairing

The Sun and Moon embrace each other again at 14h59 in Montreal in the stabilizing sign of Taurus using the western zodiac. This union will align itself with the long standing transit of Pluto in Capricorn, the sign representing what societies put in place to safeguard its citizens (laws and regulations, industries, governmental structures and so on). Pluto's journey through Capricorn is ongoing since 2008. Its passage through this sign has been reminding us of the necessity to review, to reform or eliminate anything which hinders the emotional and economic safety of our society. The New Moon will also benefit from the support of Neptune in Pisces, our collective need for unity and transcendence.

Manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn
Pluto in Capricorn : exposing and controlling the corruption in the structures of society. Photo: Adobe Stock

Mercury and Venus

This month, Mercury returns home in Gemini and at the New Moon, will be favorably aligning itself with Saturn in Aquarius, implying serious thinking and communication. This can also mean traveling short distances out of a sense of responsibility or other worldly issues. Under this alignment, it is also possible to understand more deeply a certain subject that requires focus and commitment. Mercury in Gemini invites us to develop our thoughts through education and to develop new interests. To stimulate our minds, we may need to move about the town or make short journeys. Adding flexibility to contacts may be required, whether commercial or interpersonal. This placement favors talks and negotiations, personal and commercial. It can benefit the exchange of goods and services.

However, any documents we sign or deals we make may need some reassessment later in the month as Mercury makes one of his annual apparent retrograde movement (May 29 to June 22). This celestial occurrence reminds us how important clarity of thought and communication is in order to achieve our goals. It is particularly important to pay attention to what we say or do between May 15th and May 29th. Whatever will be said or done during the aforementioned period will come under revision from May 29th to June 22sd. Traditionally, it is advised to postpone any commitment or deals coming up during this period until after June 22.

On the heels of Mercury comes Venus, leaving behind Taurus, one of her traditional thrones, where she reminded us to place some value on the stability we derive from our physical and material well-being. Venus' current stroll in Gemini invites us to experience joy through learning, culture, reading, writing, and in interpersonal, non-committed relationships. In Gemini, the Goddess of pleasure and aesthetics does not seek to accumulate goods or commit herself to anyone. She reminds us that sometimes, we must kiss several frogs before finding Prince Charming, whether it be in the human form, a venture or an object.

This month, the emphasis on Gemini marks a shift in consciousness, away from physical and material pleasures to the pleasures of the mind and intellectual rapports. In general, it is a month where communication, education and short journeys are highlighted.

Any emphasis on a particular sign also means paying some attention to the opposite, but complimentary sign, in this case, Sagittarius. Sagittarius traditionally stands for legal matters, publishing, long journeys, intellectual knowledge of a religious or philosophical nature, and long-form type of writings. So a compromise may be required between these two aspects of our lives. Additionally, the placement of the Moon's nodes across this axis reminds us that certain beliefs, or certain philosophical outlooks must be abandoned to incorporate new ideas.

If we are to find meaning and coherence at the New Moon, Mercury and Venus must serve the interests of the Sun and Moon. Therefore, Mercury and Venus' need for intellectual stimulation must be put to the service of acquiring something of greater value, more stability and safety, as well as greater physical well-being, as reflected by the position of the Sun and Moon in Taurus.

Other noteworthy astrological factors to keep in mind

In the background of this New Moon, there are volatile and unpredictable, emotionally-based actions and enterprises that may create obstacles as Chiron, symbolizing the part of our psyche sensitive to wounding is being challenged by Mars, the fighter, moving through the sign of Cancer, pushing us to act out our emotions for greater independence and personal freedom. However, acting on our emotions at this time, may backfire and hurt us more than what we had anticipated. Resorting to communication may be the best course of action in clarifying issues that may have left us feeling hurt.

It is also important to mention that Jupiter is at the last degree of Aquarius, heralding a major change in the collective search for meaning and inspiration. Jupiter will dip its toes on the surface of the sign of Pisces on May 14. For a short period of time (Mid-May until June 21), Jupiter will explore the area of our collective psyche where we need to surrender our egos to experience oneness. In Pisces, Jupiter is at home according to traditional astrology, therefore the message he carries in Pisces will be heard and felt strongly. Next spring, he will meet up with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, forming a conjunction, a union, magnifying what both planets symbolize: the sense of renewal and faith in the future (Jupiter) through spirituality and altered states of consciousness (Neptune). During Jupiter's visit in the sign of Pisces, our faith will no longer be placed in the logic of science or intellectual bonds within the community, as it currently is the case with the presence of Jupiter in Aquarius, but through the agency of our common humanity and need for communion with something greater than ourselves (Jupiter in Pisces).

Neptune seeks peek experiences and Jupiter seeks expansion and growth: industries related to fashion, music, theater and cinema will benefit from this alignment. Since Neptune is known to blur the boundaries of normal perception, we must be mindful of mass-produced scams and deceptions as we will be collectively seeking a way out of the hardships of this world, particularly true in the context of a post-Covid transition.

As Mercury retrogrades in late May, so will Saturn on May 23rd, but for a longer haul, until October 11th, signaling that all the new responsible initiatives, all the recently implemented structures for the rebuilding of community alliances and the advancement of science as well as the support of humanitarian causes will undergo revision and restructuring. Lessons about our interactions and responsibilities within groups and communities may have to be learned during this time. This planet will repeat this retrograde motion next year, between June and October, before moving on to the sign of Pisces in the spring of 2023.

New Moon Forecast for Each Zodiac Signs

Aries-born individuals

The New Moon clearly speaks to issues involving your resources, whether material or internal. Frustrations with work and their impact on your self-esteem will come to an end. Making new connections and short trips will be on your mind. You can count on the responsible actions of friends for support. There may be situations in your home life trampling on your sense of freedom. Be mindful not to lash out at others and compromise your security and well-ness. Unexpected financial issues may have an impact on group projects. Writing projects are favorable for healing emotional wounds from the past.

Taurus-born individuals

This new Moon can be helpful in seeking the advice from professionals, particularly if you have been wanting to break free from material bondage in relationships or if you have been wanting to restore your health. This action is supported by the new outlook in life you have found in recent years as well as your current motivation for a safer home environment. Your involvement in spiritual groups can help ease the pain if faced with difficulties securing your position in the world through a career or a vocation because of economic setbacks. Beware of unconscious resentment towards one or more family members. It may be met through the agency of people you draw into your life. If you need to travel short distances, make sure you your mind is clear from anger.

Gemini-born individuals

This New Moon suggests that our sense of stability comes from a retreat to connect with something greater than yourself. The sense of security and meaning you derive from this exercise will support your career and status as well as your need for regeneration after trying times. At times, you will feel pulled into two separate directions. Inward and outward. Indeed, your natural predisposition for intellectual curiosity will be high and you may well be learning and teaching new ideas to many new people. Short trips may also be required in this pursuit as well as numerous written communications. The contact with new people with different ideas may require you let go of certain long-held beliefs about others. Your primary motivation will be spent on material security for the sake of a better home condition. Legal matters, foreign travel, higher education or religious projects have a positive impact on your sense of self and overall physical well-being, through a release from certain obligations in these matters or the commitment to these matters. If you are single, this New Moon does not encourage serious commitments.

Cancer-born individuals

This month, you will feel more energetic and freer to be yourself. This energy should be spent in favor of building new alliances, new friendships, particularly with those with whom you share spiritual ideals. You will be naturally drawn into researching and discussing the connection between mind and body, spiritual wellness and its connection to body healing. You will invest time and money on courses or books tackling metaphysical or spiritual subjects.

Leo-born individuals

This New Moon promises the removal of obstacles from your daily life and routine which will help secure your position in the world. This is also required for regenerative purposes. Exchanging ideas with friends or seeking counseling can help you sort out this pressing matter. You may be required to provide some support to a close friend, spouse or relative because of unexpected financial upsets. If you have been in need for a career change, to retire, or change your social status I some way, certain commitments may prevent you from doing so. However, not for long. Beware of unexpressed anger towards those close to you as it will manifest by the attraction of intense emotional encounters with other people. Emotional honesty will free pent-up energy.

Virgo-born individuals

The New Moon encourages you to bring stability and material well-being into your life, to improve your self-worth by considering higher education or taking legal action, if applicable to your situation. Indeed, your mind is on your career and your vocation. In some instances, you may be thinking on the impacts of a certain course of action on your social status, which may involve a partner and/or your children. If considering higher education, this New Moon does not necessarily support commitment, but serious reflection and discussion about your options in this matter, particularly its impact on your daily life. If considering legal matters, take time to evaluate the impact on your career and reputation. Some couples may turn to religious authorities for matters involving their relationships or their children. For writers, this is an excellent time for taking action to publish and promote your work.

Libra-Born individuals

The seeds of deep, irrevocable changes are planted at this New Moon for increasing your self-esteem. These seeds will support the profound changes in your home circumstances and the newly gained flexibility in your daily life. Your creative potential as well your personal ideology should be put at the service of this goal. Discussing and sharing your beliefs and personal creativity can help you distinguish yourself and further the advancement of your career and reputation.

Scorpio-born individuals

The heavy April Full Moon must have brought your relationship to a point of reckoning. The New Moon asks that you take steps to building a stronger relationships (or partnerships) through frank, but cordial communication. You will find more confidence in expressing your beliefs and a sense of renewed vitality. Serious matters and responsibilities at home as well as sudden disruptions have been impacting your need for romantic and intimate moments with your partner. Now is the time to address these issues. Bear in mind that nothing definite may come from these discussions until past the Mercury retrograde period in June. Also, any long term solutions that have been taken to solve home matters will be up for review as well. But generally, some of the worries affecting your relationships will be removed and you will find again some free time and optimism to pursue leisurely activities between mid-May and June 21.

Sagittarius-born individuals

The April Full Moon may have brought health issues to the forefront and this New Moon is telling you to taking new action towards your health and work situation to help restore your self-esteem and support your need for a more fluid and relaxed home style. You are very motivated at this time to bring deep changes in your life for your emotional well-being. Discussions with your partners or with counsellors will help you evaluate your options. This period will be fraught with stimulating, yet serious exchanges that could bring new knowledge into your daily life and work. If single, new contacts can have a positive impact on how you view yourself. You may have to let go of certain ways in which you present yourself to others, freeing you from ingrained behavioral patterns.

Capricorn-born individuals

This month starts with a lot of talks concerning your need to pour more creative expression into your daily life and work. Your mind has been wandering off and does not find much stimulation in your daily tasks. It may mean redefining your tasks or finding a new vocation better suited to your creative self-expression. If you have been longing to write, now is the time to invest some time daily to pursue this interest. If you have been concerned about a minor health issue or about your diet, sharing your preoccupation with others or seeking advice can yield positive results. Your spouses or partners may seem more excitable and alive than usual. This can stimulate your creativity and/or sexual expression.

Aquarius-born individuals

You can take steps to lay the foundations for a stable home. This New Moon favors creative projects in the service of the home life or to establish roots. Spiritual and material resources are at your disposal to help bring into fruition your plans, even though some work will be required. This New Moon can also favor time at home to make necessary changes to your house. Obstacles you may have faced with regards to a lover or a child will come to a closure. This month can be an excellent time for dating or for entertainment purposes. If you make short journeys, be aware that Mercury retrogrades and you may find yourself in unusual circumstances on the road. For a short period, you will experience

Pisces-born individuals

This is a good month to take up new studies, particularly if you have felt trapped in a mental straightjacket. You have been open to new ideas for some time now and this New Moon invites you to take the leap. You have the confidence, creative energy as well as the support of your friends and community to move forward. If your neighborhood does not feel right for you any longer, the emphasis in Gemini can support your research into and evaluation of a move.


This New Moon promises the rebuilding of the basic structures of our society required to guarantee and protect our survival as a species as well as the necessary emotional connections required to experience our humanity, all in the interest of more stability, more physical and material satisfaction.


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