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September 6th New Moon: Communication, Love and Personal Power

The Cycle of Venus (love, partnerships, finances and material well-being)

Venus is currently locked into a conflictual relationship with Pluto.

This planetary alignment points to unresolved and unfulfilled responsibilities or career-related issues that may disrupt or influence unduly our social and romantic lives.

If we want to begin a new relationship, whether romantically or professionally, we must make sure that we do not carry extra baggage. Our past will surely erupt into our lives and prevent us from moving forward.

We must also be mindful of unconscious needs for social advancement that may influence the way we perceive our relationships and the way we feel about our self-worth. Potential powerful attractions during this month may have this hidden motivation at their core.

Scene from the 1933 Warner Brothers' movie The Gold Diggers
Scene from the 1933 movie The Gold Diggers as directed by Mervyn LeRoy

Some individuals, instead of using the new values that are emerging within themselves to assuage the need for transformations in their social and romantic lives, may get lost in multiple partners to avoid the required deep work to heal current or past relationship and partnership issues.

However, the energy and power to clear up past issues are available at this time. Finally, letting go of the past and seeing a new potential emerge in our love life and business partnerships is within reach.

On another positive note, artists may benefit from inspiration and renewed passion for their art.

Beauty at this time stands at the intersection between chaos and order. The mind alone cannot produce the harmony we seek for. We need some inspiration and faith in our intuition.

Because of their close relationship to the planet Venus at their birth, Libras and Taureans will need to pay attention to this theme.

The Cycle of Mars (energy and desire, physical and sexual drive, project management, success) and Mercury (communication and travel)

This month, as Mars is located in the sign of Virgo, our sense of personal power is closely linked to our ability to be of service and to fix the things in our lives that have been left unattended, particularly issues that have been compromising our health and preventing our daily lives to run smoothly,

However, disruptions in our daily lives, unclear demands and situations may prevent us from being effective in our actions as expressed by the opposition of Neptune in Pisces to the planet Mars. This may make us feel resentful and angry, increasing the chances of work-related conflicts during this month.

In addition, because Venus is very strong in her own sign of Libra during this New Moon, coloring our social interactions, the desire to please and seek harmony is powerful, forcing us to repress the power to assert ourselves. We may thus resort to passive-aggressive behaviors to obtain what we want.

The desire to please and seek harmony is powerful, forcing us to repress our assertiveness

Mercury, the planet associated with the sign of Virgo, also traveling in the sign of Libra, invites us to seek counseling, to clarify our perceptions by engaging in dialogue and resorting to diplomacy in our speech and writing.

Some time off may be required to restore our energy level and sexual drive.

Because of their close relationship with the planet Mars at their birth, Aries and Scorpios may be directly concerned by this theme.


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