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September 6th New Moon : Compromise And Balance For The Good Functioning of Our Minds and Bodies

The New Moon is set to occur at 8:52 PM in Montreal. As with every New Moons, it is a moment to set new objectives and goals. The stars and their alignments guide us in setting these goals and may indicate the areas of our lives that will require our attention consciously or through external events.

With a Virgo emphasis in the sky, we long for order at this time and we are fired up into putting our energies towards this purpose.

We need to reconnect with the rituals that are necessary for our well-being, both physically, psychologically and spiritually. To this effect, we must pay attention to all the the wrenches thrown into our existential wheels so that things start flowing again and functioning as whole in our lives. So that we may feel the magic of living again.

We need to reconnect with the rituals that are necessary for our well-being, both physically, psychologically and spiritually.

All the key words associated with the Virgo landscape will be highlighted during this month : repairing, fine-tuning, perfecting, putting things in their rightful places, making lists of what needs to be done, prioritizing.

Uranus' passage in Taurus, closely aligned with this New Moon, adds the necessity to incorporate new methods, new tools and new technologies to reach our goals. Indeed, this planetary alignment reflects the changes in our collective values and this New Moon invites us to start incarnating these new sets of values every day, either by changing the way we approach our physical and material reality, or finding new sources of income and funding.

General Trends for Each Zodiac Signs

Health issues are particularly important for Virgos and Aries at this time, while love and romance (or maybe the lack of fun and pleasure because of duties to oneself and others) concern Libras and Geminis.

Career and work may require that Pisces and Cancer born individuals improve their skills and knowledge.

Sagittarians will feel relieved this month as the balance between work and family will be restored by positive developments in their routines and work conditions. It may even indicate the beginning of a career reorientation.

Capricorns may need to let go of their need for control and authority with regards to their careers in order to free some time for leisure activities. Health issues may force them to change their outlook about how to handle their daily regiment and their relationship to everyday life circumstances. Delegation of tasks and responsibilities may be necessary to find joy again at work and in their spare time.

Leos need to focus on material and financial matters this month because of changes in their status and careers. Communication and travel will be emphasized to obtain a balanced perspective on such matters.

Taurus and Scorpios will find again a certain equilibrium in their daily relationship with their partners and their circle of friends.

Aquarians may discover that forces beyond their control can wreak havoc into the normal functioning of their lives, requiring a new, balanced mindset and outlook on life.

Although we long for order and organization at this time, we must not forget to be able to harmonize ourselves with others, not to be overly critical and lose ourselves in petty details.

Being lost in details
We must not get lost in petty details when dealing with others.

While the quick elimination of certain obstacles is in the air with regards to our daily lives, it will not feel this month like a major progress has been made nor that important solutions are available. We will mostly let out a collective sigh of relief that things are not worse and that we can still get certain things done.

We will have to watch out for procrastination and the avoidance of our duties with all sorts of escape mechanisms from the doldrums of everyday life.

Venus invites us the strike the balance between inspired action and technical precision, between escape and daily responsibilities, between result driven projects and experimentation. Not everything we do or feel like doing will yield the results we hope for this month, and that is perfectly ok.

For more information on this New Moon (relationship and motivation issues), please read my next post.)


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