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Summer Lovers 2021: Venus and Mars in Leo

Psychological Astrology borrows certain techniques from depth psychology to understand the deeper meanings of an astrological signature and its corresponding psychological dynamics.

One of these techniques consists in the study of myths and fairy tales which contain universal psychological truths because they come from the collective unconscious. Carl Jung wrote in The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche :

The collective unconscious – so far as we can say anything about it at all – appears to consist of mythological motifs or primordial images, for which reason the myths of all nations are its real exponents.
In fact, the whole of mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious.
We can see this most clearly if we look at the heavenly constellations, which original chaotic forms were organized through the projection of images.
This explains the influence of the stars as asserted by astrologers.
These influences are nothing but unconscious, introspective perceptions of the activity of the collective unconscious.
Just as the constellations were projected into the figures were projected into legends and fairy tales or upon historical persons.

If we were to relate the most significant astrological signatures of the summer to a myth or fable, what would it be?

This summer, the conjunction of Mars and Venus in the sign of Leo gets caught up with the major astrological configuration of the year, that is the confrontation between Saturn and Uranus, which are respectively in the signs of Aquarius and Taurus. This struggle can be translated at the collective level as a battle between the established order in the domains of Aquarius (e.g. science, sociology, politics, psychology, which governs social relations, that which allows us collectively to free ourselves from our dependence on nature) and the emerging ideas in the areas related to Taurus (e.g. environment, agriculture, biology, finance, that which helps us collectively to study or to appreciate life on earth). On a personal level, it is the social structures that we have built (Saturn in Aquarius) in the service of our need for external validation, which come up against emerging new values ​​that are essential for our self-esteem (Uranus in Taurus).

If we add the planets Venus and Mars into this pattern and the sign of Leo in which they are currently traveling, we see the idea of ​​a struggle or quest (Mars) to obtain something that attracts us enormously (Venus) and which gives us a feeling (Venus) of internal validation (Leo, feeling unique, important). By acquiring this object of desire, we collectively and personally feel victorious and heroic.

Sandro Boticelli's Venus and Mars (circa 1485)

In the context of the astrological signature of the year, this quest and battle is oriented in the direction of expressing in a concrete way (Saturn) the emerging ideas in the society (Uranus).

The myths associated with lions are numerous, but few have lions linked with the conquest of an object of desire.

We can start by exploring the mythic encounter between Venus and Mars in Greek mythology, a tale of passion set against the backdrop of adultery. Many artists have depicted this relationship which ended in public humiliation before the Gods of Olympus as the titular couple gets exposed.

Mars and Venus trapped by Vulcan and exposed by painter Alexandre Charles Guillemot
Mars and Venus trapped by Vulcan and exposed by Alexandre Charles Guillemot

The current celestial patterns have a similar archetypal echo:

-a passionate relationship (conjunction between Venus and Mars);

-a disapproving look by society (Saturn in Aquarius, opposite sign to Leo);

-the shock of discovery, introducing the need for changes in collective and personal values ​​and feelings (Uranus in Taurus).

Something in the zetgeist recalls this story.

But we must turn to a fable by Aesop, the Lion in Love, which was later adapted by Jean de la Fontaine, to find the Leo connection. The original fable can be summed up as follows:

A lion falls head over heels in love with a peasant's daughter. The latter is not too convinced, fearing that the beast, in its outburst of love, will kill his daughter or by its appearance, draw her away and enrage it. He asks that the lion pulls out his claws and his fangs, if he truly wants his daughter's hand. The Lion complies without hesitating one moment. At which time, the peasant, using a club, takes the opportunity to kill the animal rendered completely harmless.

The lion is often equated with the ferocity of pride which dwells in the hearts of individuals and which can eat away at them from within. Leo can also be psychologically associated with the need for inner validation in contrast to Aquarius which indicates the complimentary need for outer validation. We can therefore infer that this balance between the need for internal validation and the need for external validation becomes a collective and personal issue during the summer period. In other terms, we collectively and personally need to feel validated in our uniqueness and importance as a society or as individuals. We are seeking heroes, within ourselves and in society.

The Lion in Love painting by  Adolphe Weisz (1838 - 1910)
The Lion in Love by Adolphe Weisz (1838 - 1910)

Aesop's story has been given several interpretations over the years; some not very encouraging, such as being wary of one's passions or the advice of one's enemies; others more inspiring, such as love can conquer all adversity or that love can soften any rough edges in one's character.

However, in the collective unconscious, all interpretations merge and can manifest readily in society or in one's personal lives.

Five of Swords card in the  Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
Five of Swords card in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Leos, Taureans, Aquarians and Scorpios of the 2nd decan (see previous blog) should keep these two stories in mind to make sense of what might happen in their lives this summer relationship-wise.

But as we are all psychically composed of the energies of Leo, Aquarius and Taurus, during this summer, we will find ourselves faced with the desire to go on a quest (or war, as the case may be) to obtain something that exerts a powerful hold on us and cannot be resisted, but which can end up costing us (or making us gain) in dignity and personal authority.

Queen and king costumes - Istock, source of image


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