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Full Moon in Scorpio - Keeping Or Eliminating : What Is Required For Our Self-Esteem and Survival ?

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

It is time for the monthly face off between the Sun and the Moon.

This will occur in Montreal at 11h32 pm, on April 26th, 2021. The Moon being very close to our planet adds additional stress to this Full Moon.

This month, two archetypes, Venus and Saturn, sit in their thrones and are locked into a powerful, dynamic relationship. Indeed, Venus having recently moved out of the sign of Aried, finds herself back home, in her earthy kingdom, where she releases the powers of the senses, while turning her back to the reasoning law of the Community, as represented by Saturn in Aquarius. This celestial situation makes the opposition of the Sun and Moon more intense, as both Luminaries are highlighting signs that correspond to the instinctual side of our nature as well. By Venus' side are the Sun, Uranus and Mercury, magnifying the importance of her message. With the Sun, we become aware of her importance; with Uranus, we are awakened collectively to her presence within us and around us; with Mercury, we hear her and must communicate what she stirs within us.

In Taurus, the feminine Goddess of Beauty and Harmony reminds us of the importance of experiencing life not through our minds (Air), our imaginations (Fire) or our feelings (Water), but through our bodies and our senses (Earth): smelling, touching, tasting, and seeing. Beauty, in the kingdom of Taurus, is experienced in the here and now. But to experience this beauty, one must be aware of one’s own body, of the physical world around us and the planet that we inhabit. This can only happen if we accept what our bodies need: pleasure, sensuality and material well-being. She is the great force of Eros in the Freudian sense.

Saturn in Aquarius (Air) looks scornfully at the Goddess and plays the role of the Freudian Super-Ego, fixing boundaries to reign in her seductive pull. To complicate his task, Mars, the Moon and Neptune are all in signs associated with the instinctual realm as well. So the Jungian functions of Feeling, as symbolized by the water signs and Sensation, as symbolized by the emphasis in the earthy sign of Taurus, are activated in the sky. This situation marks a major shift in our collective consciousness from the previous month. More than ever, we need emotional and physical closeness.

In psychological astrology, when two archetypal forces within us, each with different agendas, are equally strong and form a dynamic relationship, psychological defenses could develop to lower the tension in our psyches. If we consciously side with the law of collective reasoning (Saturn in Aquarius), we may suppress or repress the part we do not want to honor because we do not deem it acceptable, our instincts (Venus in Taurus); or if we consciously side with our instincts, we can suppress or repress logic and detachment, the necessity of applying certain rules of conduct within our communities (Saturn in Aquarius). However, both parts must be honored consciously to avoid being bitten by the part we have cast into the dark.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis also tells another story in the context of this Full Moon.

The Moon, representing another dimension of the feminine, placed in Scorpio, is not at her best. While Taurus symbolizes our desire to fully experience life and its pleasures, the great urge to live, Scorpio stands for what we need to eliminate from our beings for life to continue and be regenerated.

Therefore, in the background of this Full Moon, is the need to assess what we must keep to experience life fully and what must be eliminated for life to continue. A balance must be achieved between the two polarities. The Moon is also very close to our planet, thus we will feel this urge for regeneration and elimination intensely, for the Moon stands for what we require to feel emotionally well. Careful consideration is required to identify what we feel we must get rid of. The Moon in Scorpio reminds us that the enemy may well be deep within our psyches : emotional patterns and ingrained attitudes.

Therefore, somewhere, in our individual lives, in our relationships, our home life, our careers, in our society, something must be kept and something must be eliminated for us to experience the joy and beauty of living as physical beings.

Paying attention to our feelings and emotions may help us achieve this balance, for the Taurus-Scorpio axis reminds us that to be well physically (Taurus), one must also be well emotionally (Scorpio).

So if a situation is making you feel physically sick, taking some time to restore your emotional well-being may help you regain a sense of physical vitality. If you have been on a buying spree, or a selling spree, if you have been wanting to change jobs or careers, cleaning up your relationships, or if you have experienced the loss of a job, a partner or something that you have hold on to too tightly, but for all the wrong reasons, taking time to understand what you require to be physically well can help you avoid future crises.

In some instances, blindly changing and creating upheaval in your life may threaten what you have been building so far and the stability you have achieved in your life.

The emphasis of the Full Moon on the Scorpio-Taurus axis also reminds us that some autonomy is required for our sense of security and that we cannot always depend on others when we face crises. This lies at the heart of the taurean attitude towards achieving material security: the fear of experiencing the vulnerability of needing others to provide for them. But indulging in physical stimulations of all sorts and hoarding without a connection to our souls and the need for emotional connections creates a spiritual void.

Because Venus is strong in her home sign of Taurus at this time, any action that helps us connect or re-connect with our bodies can bring some form of emotional healing. But an emotional discharge that threatens our physical and material well-being, especially if it threatens our responsibilities to the collective we belong in (friends, groups, alliances), may not be the best course of action to take right now.

On a global scale, any new action that can help us restore our planet or re-connect with her, is the right course of action to take since Earth is our collective body.

Here is a run-down of how this Full-Moon may affect each Zodiac signs.

Taurus-Born Individuals

Relationships come to the forefront as well as feelings of being appreciated or not within them.

The need to experience physical closeness or material-security may trigger strong emotional reactions in your partners.

However, your needs for security, physical closeness or pleasures may make you forget the importance of emotional connections within your relationships and true, emotional support you derive from your partners.

A few Taureans may well be the peacemakers and the solid shoulders others can depend on in their difficult times.

If you feel you cannot resolve some differences in your relationships, external help from friends or social groups, can help restore peace and harmony, provided you are open to their constructive comments.

Single Taureans or those who have started a new venture and looking for a partner for financial backup can expect this Full Moon to be the appropriate trigger to start new relationships which will be more emotionally satisfying.

Gemini-Born Individuals

This Full-Moon highlights the importance of striking a balance between practical duties and time for spiritual development and connections, either for your own good or the good of your community. A walk in a natural setting can bring you a deeper sense of connection to other forms of existence.

In the background, you may be investing your resources and energy more than usual building a secure home or just simply cocooning.

Leo-Born Individuals

This Full-Moon may feel very overwhelming as it triggers the axis of career and status and the balance required to achieve a happy home life. You may have held on to a status or career which no longer serves your soul's needs or your family needs. Or you may have experienced losses in these areas. Energy must be spent for private or family matters, but restrictions or obligations may hold you back, dampening your spirit and vision of life. Support from friends and the community can help you go through this stressful period. You can also find strength in your spiritul beliefs.

Virgo-Born Individuals

You may achieve a certain success in your pursuits of a degree or in winning a legal matter. This may help reduce some of the tension you have been experiencing as of late. In some instances, you may have to rethink your beliefs if you feel unwell and stuck in your career or if you feel you do not have the standing you feel you should have in the world. If you find yourself in a battle with a sibling, a colleague or a neighbor, rather than resorting to vindictive or manipulative tactics to make your point come across, being emotionally honest and expressing your feelings can help you restore the harmony within you and them.

Libra-Born Individuals

You may have to look at your own resources more closely and determine whether they are helping you achieve the emotional security you require at this moment in your life.

Finding new ways to provide for yourself or taking care of your body may be necessary.

Tensions in your relationships can be eliminated if you put more effort into becoming independent in your own right, rather than claiming the support of your partners, although, breakthroughs can be achieved in this respect with emotional honesty and patience.

Taking time to build and increase your social contacts in support of your creative endeavors can help your sense of self and authority. Right now, putting your energy into your career or status can help you feel better about yourself, even if it can feel like hard work.

Scorpio-Born Individuals

This is a very emotional time for you. The Full Moon highlights the struggle between your need for emotional support and the requirements of others for their physical and material well-weing. This has been building up for some time and many negative emotions may have accumulated in your body. You may want to act like Medea and shake things up to restore the necessary equilibrium between you and your partners (intimate or otherwise), but some detachment is required in order not to compromise the stability you have achieved. Denial of problems will only increase the tension within you and your body. The very format of your relationships may need some rethinking. Some of the tension can be relieved by putting energy in forming emotional connections with groups of like-minded individuals, through social activities or associations.

Sagittarius-Born Individuals

New opportunities to experience pleasure at work and in your daily life will be on your mind. If you have been experiencing a loss of joy in these areas, you will need to address this, as any unconscious emotional build-up can be activated at this time, affecting your overall well-being. Opportunities for growth may come your way through a conversation with a neighbor, a sibling or reading an article. You can count on your partners for emotional support.

Capricorn-Born Individuals

The lack of fun in your life has been slowly building up, bringing you to an emotional breaking point. The needs of others experiencing difficulties amongst ypour friends or associations has taken away the energy for you to experience joy in your personal time. In addition, financial matters may hold you back, even though you feel like spending to relieve the tension within. Your partners may act as a catalyst to help you regain the joy you have been either neglecting or refusing to acknowledge in your life.

Aquarius-Born Individuals

The balancing act between work and home life is the theme of this Full Moon. You may have been avoiding or denying the tension between these two areas of your life, detaching yourself from the inner conflict. But a strong desire for harmony at home will create the impetus to face the issue. This may make you feel more effective in tackling daily tasks and obligations.

Pisces-Born Individuals

Writing projects and publishing can be a source of physical well-being as well as emotional fulfillment at this time. Investing in some educational or intellectual endeavor can also increase your self-esteem and your feelings of attractiveness. But in both instances, you must not let the judgment of others interfere with your happiness and your newly found joy. More importantly, you must not let your inner judge stop you from engaging in these pursuits.

Aries-Born Individuals

The issue of building a strong sense of self esteem and how it contributes to gaining your financial autonomy and stability comes through with this Full Moon. Finding new ways of consolidating your assets and not wasting your resources will be important. Your emotional well-being depends on it. You may need to invest more energy at home, maybe to restore it or just simply to rest and regain the energy you feel you have lost recently.

For our emotional well-being, this Full Moon invites us to find new ways to care and provide for ourselves, others and our planet. To achieve this, we must not turn our backs to our social responsabilities. Friends, our community and our allies could provide the necessary structuring solutions and help to make this happen concretely.


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