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The Voice of the Astrological Sun in our Soul

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

The Sun’s voice begins to manifest at a very young age, when we utter our famous cry : “I am”. Later, he is behind phrases like : " One day, I would like to become … I would like to shine, to create, to find who I am …; I would like to make myself known; I have an original idea; I am unique; I have a mission, a quest; I have a vision; I want to realize myself ”

He symbolizes the kind of hero you are meant to be. Where you find the Sun in your astrological chart will be the arena of your biggest achievements and all the other characters must obey him if you do not want anarchy to reign in your life or if you do not want your creative potential to be lost.

When you feel like you are not seen, that your accomplishments are not recognized, your Sun is not shining.

When we remain too long in the shadows, either for fear of our own greatness or because the circumstances at work, in our career or our personal life do not allow us to express ourselves, to realize ourselves fully, we could quickly sink into the dark, into depression or even begin to envy or crush the accomplishments of others.

What sets us apart must be seen.

The Sun within us gives us a reason for existing, for waking up every morning. He gives us the deeper meaning to our existence.

The other psychological functions will help our hero to shine and ease the achievement of his mission. They can also create obstacles in achieving its goals.

In traditional astrology, planets are associated with a certain part of our anatomy. The Sun is said to correspond to our heart. Indeed, it is with the help of our heart that blood can flow through our body and help each organ function properly. He is at the center of our anatomical solar system. Heart problems sometimes can be related to the unexpressed qualities of the sign the Sun finds itself in at birth. Loss of meaning can also be attributed to the lack of involvement in the sphere of life represented by the Sun’s placement in your birth chart.

Ask yourself the following questions :

-Do you feel you are being seen?

-Do you feel that you have achieved a certain level of personal authority? Is it being recognized?

-When was the last time you had a promotion?

-Do you tend to envy others and their accomplishments?

-Do you boast about yourself, but do not applaud others’ accomplishments?

-Are you motivated to wake up in the morning ?

-Do you feel you have a purpose?

-Do you feel there is meaning to your life?

The answers to these questions may point to a blocked expression of your Sun. The ruler of your inner kingdom cannot or does not want to reign anymore. It is time to listen to the voice of your inner King.

I will be happy to help you find more meaning and bring healing light into your soul, into your inner kingdom.


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