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Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Awakening to New Potentials For Material Comfort And Well-Being

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

A Full Moon is always an opportunity for greater objectivity and awareness of the rights and needs of others. If this awareness cannot be achieved, it can produce a conflict between what one needs and desires as opposed to the needs and desires of others. Compromise is required. However, whenever we side with one end of the spectrum, we create problems with the opposite one.

Chart of the Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus using the Solar Fire Software.
The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse creates tension in the security driven Taurus-Scorpio axis while being challenged in its attempt at a compromise by Saturn in Aquarius. Chart erected for Montreal using the Astro Gold application.

Opposition serves to bring us back into balance through other people's actions or situations standing in our way. The equilibrium can also be achieve if we choose to see these events as opportunities for our growth.

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse creates tension in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, between:

-what one owns or what one believes one owns and what others consider as belonging to them;

-one's resources (psychological or material) and what we owe others or what others provide us with in terms of psychological or material help;

-one's earnings and those shared with our partners.

This is why lunations in this axis are generally very potent as a trigger for self-esteem issues on a personal and collective level.

On one end is the income we obtain from our livelihood (Taurus) and on the other end, our debts, tax obligations, inheritances (Scorpio).

The pendulum can swing from holding on to something that we value to letting go and eliminating what we no longer deem worthy of our appreciation. From what we see and physically sense to what we feel, but cannot prove, the immaterial. From the fertile, lush and sensual landscapes filled with beauty to wastelands, dumps and volcanic terrains.

The Moon's position in Taurus may indicate that we emotionally need to hold on to something, but she must share the spotlight with Uranus, who demands change and freedom from what is old and worn in terms of attitudes towards ownership and resource exploitation. This can translate into a jarring awakening about what we can really hold on to or be able to own.

On the other side of the equation, the Sun, Mercury and Venus emphasize the need to be aware, understand and consider of value the process of deep change and transformation that is required to bring new life as reflected by the sign of Scorpio where they are currently placed. On a very mundane level, it could mean quitting a job for a better salary, or asking for a loan to start a new business. Uranus's presence acts as an eye-opener and it can trigger profound emotional reactions for the two signs are concerned with the drive towards security.

In the mix, Saturn's presence in Aquarius plays the part of an experienced mediator or fear mongering trouble maker. The voice of reason or the voice of primal fear.

The sky seems to tell a story of self-doubt and personal inhibitions compounded with a lack of trust in ourselves, others and in life itself.

Keeping the coffee table - or not?

Scene from the 1989 movie: When Harry Met Sally written by the late great Nora Ephron. The Taurus-Scorpio-Aquarius dynamic of the Full Moon Eclipse can be seen in action in this scene.

In the excellent 1989 classic movie, When Harry Met Sally, Harry and Sally are caught in a couple's quarrel about whether they should keep a coffee table or not in light of a move.

Sally as played by Meg Ryan tries to dissuade the character played by the late Carrie Fisher in a hush-hush manner, but it is Harry, portrayed by Billy Crystal, that throws the wrench into the Taurus - Scorpio axis of equilibrium, between "what I must keep and what I must discard". At the heart are issues of self-worth. He becomes referee ( the voice of Saturn in Aquarius), but also the voice of conscience and truth ( Sun and Mercury in Scorpio ) and restores the values in their proper places (Venus restored from her placement in Scorpio to her redemption in Taurus).

The question asked by the couple triggers Harry and all the hidden and accumulated bitterness about his divorce comes to the surface and gets eliminated out of his system (Scorpio process) through the agency of wanting to help the couple choose what to keep and what not to keep. Through the process, Harry's true values (Venus) come to the surface (he never liked the table in the first place and just wanted to keep the peace with his friend and status quo - Taurus process).

The sky is a reflection of this dynamic. Either we willingly turn to an external agency or get imposed one from the universe, the work of achieving the equilibrium remains. Uranus conjunct the Moon throws in an element of surprise that forces us to reconsider holding on to something just when we are about to take it out of the waste basket - or the reverse, according to our natal charts.

The temptation to hide the truth and escape reality (Neptune) may be a temporary way to avoid the pain of fixing the boundaries that Saturn requires and the compromise which is necessary at this time. Indeed, Neptune gives the opposition a way out of the tension. At the same time, the pressure we may feel to commit to a course of action may suggest that the timing is not right because we are not prepared to face the consequences of our actions at this time. Mars's alignment with Neptune also translates this dilemma. More time and reflection may be required. This pressure may be due to an unconscious fear of social rejection.

If the psychological work is not done properly, there will be a price to pay in the months to come.

The first manifestation may occur around the time Mars aligns with the New Moon eclipse degree in late March 2023 in the sign of Cancer.

The full classic scene can be watched here.

This Full Moon will impact people more directly if born under the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius between the following dates:


May 1 -10

What was seeded through the agency of others at the New Moon 14 days ago is now forcing you unexpectedly to take action. As you consider the course of action you will take, ask yourself whether the old way was the right way. Ask yourself whether what you thought belonged to you really was yours to begin with.


November 2-12

The initiatives you took 14 days ago are now drawing attention to you. Is it the attention you were seeking? This is a moment of truth that must be addressed in full consciousness.


August 2-11

Loyalty comes with a price. You may need to reassess your goals without breaking your commitments and risking offending those who have stood behind you.


January 30-Feb 8

You may be drawn unwillingly and unexpectedly in the middle of an argument.

While you would like to think of yourself as rational and logical, you may be required to show your true feelings about a professional matter.

Run down for the other zodiacal signs


Your mind may be overheated at this time as the Full Moon Eclipse brings to your awareness the bounty that lies in your bank account or the reverse.

Your efforts at public validation and support may also add additional stress on your resources.

However, Jupiter's last dip in Pisces may help guide you in the right direction to avoid financial or material mishap or even take advantage of financial or material opportunities.


The Full Moon Eclipse activates the accumulated need for rest and physical well-being. Changes in work conditions and routine may precipitate the need for some time to yourself.

Mars retrograde in Gemini emphasizes being physically active or taking initiatives to improve your appearance. Reconsidering your objectives might be necessary. You will feel like a new person as the new year begins.


The Full Moon Eclipse highlights issues of personal validation for creative efforts and the hard work required to obtain social approval. A breakthrough may occur if you have been putting the effort.


The Full Moon Eclipse brings unexpected news as a result of all the energy you have been putting out there to advance in your career.

If you have been focused, you may get the results you expected. If not, you may need to reassess where you apply your energy and whether it helps you achieve the success you desire.


At the New Moon, 14 days earlier, the universe was asking that you undergo a deep transformation with regard to your attitude towards money and possessions.

The Full Moon Eclipse reveals the fruit of that inner work. You may gain increased emotional or financial support from a new and unexpected source of income. This is not a freebie, it will be so because of your commitment to your creative process and endeavors.


Others are being demanding because you are giving them all your energy. Redressing the imbalance may take until January. This may cause you mental distress as you ponder seriously about your future.

A new, healthier attitude towards work and routine may be just what you need.


Wanting more free time to spend with friends and family or simply to invest more time for fun and play demands that you look carefully into your finances. Unexpected invitations may reveal the necessity to change your financial strategy or find new resources.


An optimistic attitude can help you at this time as you discover the full implication of what you embarked in at the New Moon Eclipse, 14 days earlier. Travel plans and publications may be delayed, results of the new studies you undertook may not be as stellar as expected. That is just temporary. Tending to your home may be a welcomed distraction.

In conclusion

The best outcome of the Full Moon will be to bring people closer together by being more truthful about how they feel and about what matters to them. Greater trust can be achieved.

The worst-case scenario will be to run into stalemate situations in relationships due to resistance and unwillingness to compromise. Bottled up resentment and hostilities may erupt.

It is essential that we find appropriate emotional outlets for the celestial energies at play at the Full Moon.

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