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Weekly Tarot Message : A light heart can travel faster than a heavy one

Underneath our put together social masks, there are always dimensions our beings that need looking into to be able to fully live our lives.

The enigmatic figure of Helen of Troy as represented by the Queen of Cups in the Mythic Tarot is set to appear in our lives this week to free the feelings and emotions that we have been hiding from ourselves and others.

Instigating the Trojan War, Helen was a powerful agent of change and transformation in Greek myth, pitting men against each other, unleashing their instincts and passions.

Whether through romantic entanglements or creative outbursts, the encounter of rivals or confrontations with that otherness that disturbs us and forces our hand into emotional honesty, this week will not be mild. It will be intensely passionate and volatile.

That which Helen wants, Helen gets. For the better or for the worse.


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