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Weekly Tarot Message : February 6 to 12 2023

As envisioned by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Dr. Liz Greene, in the Mythic Tarot, the 5 of Pentacles follows the misadventure of Daedalus, famous for creating the labyrinth that concealed the monstrous Minotaur in Greek mythology.

The card depicts Daedalus leaving surreptitiously from his native home to avoid imprisonment for killing his nephew. Indeed, he had grown jealous and envious of his nephew's talents that he perceived as threatening to his reputation and status.

This card usually does not forebode well in mundane affairs. It warns us about the imminent change in our wordly possessions, very much in line with its classical interpretation.

But the central issue singled out by this card revolves around our relationship to money and objects and how they translate the value that we attach to them as an extension of the value we ascribe to ourselves.

This week, if financial dealings go wrong, objects of value break or you are feeling stuck materially or financially, maybe it is time to look at your relationship to money and objects, particularly if the events affect your mood disproportionately.

The empowering aspect of this card may indicate :

  • the need to change financial or asset management strategies, especially if you have been overly conservative and cautious with your spendings;

  • the need to change jobs in the same field. one that will have more financial or material perks.

Regardless of the events that will unfold, remember that you are not defined by what you own or do not own.

By simply being born into this world, you have intrinsic value and dignity.

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