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Weekly Tarot Message : Week of May 15, 2023

Four of Wands card in the Mythic Tarot.
In the mythic Tarot, the 4 of Wands refers to the Greek hero, Jason, preparing for his biggest adventure yet. He will need all the best resources for what is to come.

The Four Wands invites us to slow down this week and take stock of the events that have transpired in the last few weeks. It may signal the results of some enterprise, positive or not, will be coming in. As a result, we may be tempted to rush out and try something new too quickly before evaluating what is required for its successful launch.

Just like the Mythic Tarot card reminds us in the depiction of the preparation of the Argonaut ship for its adventure at sea in the hopes of finding the Golden Fleece, time is required to gather the resources that are required if the mission is to succeed. The heroic mythic figure of Jason surrounds himself with the best human and material resources available to tackle his most biggest and daring adventure yet.

The wands usually refer to spiritual resources. But it can also point to much needed energy and motivation in the form of a much needed physical rest.

The flipside of this card may point to disorganization and lack of resources to start a new project. Some attention to details is necessary to avoid pitfalls.

Watch the reel for a shortened version of this message.

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