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Michelangelo's Celestial Perspective Blog

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Hello and welcome to Michelangelo's Celestial Perspective Blog!

In a series of short posts, I will try to explain to you how I have approached Astrology and the Tarot in my practice for the last 25 years.

Astrology and the Tarot have been more than a passion for me. They have given my life meaning and purpose. I hope to communicate this enthusiasm to you and pique your curiosity to further your understanding of these subjects, either through a consultation with me or through some study of your own.

The posts that I will publish originate from the workshops I once gave at La Maison des Sciences Occultes. These workshops were designed to help people understand their astrological chart and the message of the stars without having to learn all the technical information professional astrologers must learn for a proper training.

In my practice, I strive to help people listen to the characters who inhabit them. What Roberto Assagioli, the father of transpersonal psychology called "the subpersonalities".

In traditional astrology, these characters are represented by the luminaries that are the Sun and the Moon, the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) and the so-called “social” planets (Jupiter and Saturn). In contemporary astrology, other celestial bodies have been added to the pantheon known to ancient astrologers, namely the so-called “collective” planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Astrologers interested in the psychological dynamics of the being of which I am an advocate also incorporate in their practice Chiron, an asteroid, orbiting the Sun, between Saturn and Uranus. Given its position in our solar system, astrologers have attributed to Chiron characteristics that partake of Saturn and Uranus.

These celestial bodies are of primary importance in the analysis of a person's astrological chart. They generate the dynamic impulses in our being that push us to feel, perceive and act in our life.

If these celestial bodies, these characters who inhabit us, could express themselves, what would they communicate to us? How could we recognize them in our daily life? How could we honor them?

The next twelve blogs will help you to identify them, recognize their voices within you and the messages they carry for your well-being. Above all, the blogs are meant to help you recognize when, in your life, you do not give them enough space and how this could cause you problems, either psychologically or physically.

If you discover that you may not be giving proper expression to these characters that live within you, a psychologically oriented astrological consultation may then be appropriate to help restore their voices in your inner kingdom, in your soul.

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Unknown member
May 22, 2021

Michelangelo did my astrology chart. He was very detailed and he was right on when telling me about my personality. Michelangelo explained how my personality impacts the decisions I make . He was able to tell me which which parts of myself need to further develop in the future. Michelangelo was very pleasant and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him.

Miss Melina

Replying to

Thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure to meet you and I am happy I could be of help. Sincerely, Michelangelo 🌟

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