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No time to book a reading or on a tight budget, but still curious about what astrology can tell you about your personality, your life themes, current astrological influences or compatibility with a significant other? Try one of our computer-generated reports. These reports make the ideal gift for a friend, a spouse or family member. They are affordable, fun and easy to read.

Computer-generated psychological profile, life themes and compatibility reports

Ideal gift for a quick introduction into your psychological profile, your life themes and compatibility strength with a significant other. These reports are based on your personal birthdata.

Choose between : 

  • Merlin Life theme

  • Merlin Natal Report (Male and female)

  • Merlin Compatibility

Please click on this link 

Marble Surface

Computer-generated  Astrological Forecasts

Get a monthly or quaterly personnalized forecast based on your birth data (birth date, birth time, and birth location).


This report comes with a free astrological birthchart.

It is sent to your personal email account in PDF format.

Report will be sent within 48 hours.

Report length depends on current astrological influences. To obtain your report, please visit the Shop menu.

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